Dr. Josh Muir utilizes Dentsply Sirona digital scanning to diagnose a wide range of dental conditions and provide the best possible treatment plan for your individual dental needs. Call our office at 406-259-7115 today to learn more about Dentsply Sirona digital scanning in Billings, Montana, and schedule your appointment at the Montana Center for Implants and Dentures.

The Dentsply Sirona digital scanner captures three-dimensional images of your mouth, teeth and supporting structures from all angles, allowing our team to see parts of your mouth that may otherwise be hard to reach. The resulting images are of a high quality, showing many details that can then be enlarged or enhanced for examination. Our dentist and team can use these images to diagnose problems, plan treatments and create models of your mouth to use for restorations or other purposes. The captured images are fully colored so that we can distinguish between healthy and diseased areas that need attention. The digital models the scanner helps us create can ensure that your dentures or other oral appliances will fit inside your mouth perfectly.

During the digital scanning process, we will pass a small wand over the insides of your mouth. The wand will capture images of your teeth and mouth, which will be simultaneously processed and saved every few seconds for immediate viewing once the scan is complete. The scanning process is comfortable and usually very quick.

To learn more about digital scanning with Dentsply Sirona technology, please call to schedule with our dentist. We would be happy to show you the technology in action.