A dental crown, also known as a dental cap, is a type of restoration that fits over the visible portion of your tooth. Dental implants are custom made to fit your mouth and smile perfectly, and they provide a long-lasting solution for your damaged teeth. There are several different materials that a crown may be made of, but the most popular material is porcelain, as it matches the natural color and appearance of your tooth enamel.

Dr. Muir typically recommends dental crowns to restore a tooth to its original shape and size and to protect the tooth from sustaining further damage. A crown may be recommended for both restorative and aesthetic purposes such as:

  • Restoring and protecting a tooth after root canal therapy
  • Anchoring a dental bridge
  • Completing a dental implant
  • Strengthening weak or fractured teeth
  • Supporting a tooth with a large filling
  • Improving the appearance of a tooth when it is misshapen or severely stained or has other major cosmetic flaws

It typically takes two appointments to complete a dental crown. At the first appointment, our dentist will prepare your tooth and take an impression from which the crown can be designed and fabricated. At the second appointment, the crown will be placed, checked to ensure that it fits and then bonded into place. A temporary crown may be provided to protect the tooth for the period between the two appointments.

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