After you have received dentures, our dentist will provide you with instructions to help you adjust to wearing them and keep them clean and in good condition. If you have any questions about dentures in Billings, Montana, or if you want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Josh Muir, please call the Montana Center for Implants and Dentures at 406-259-7115.

Your dentures may feel awkward when you first begin wearing them. Your speech may seem altered, and you may feel that your mouth is too full. As your mouth adjusts to wearing your dentures, these problems will subside.

Make sure to care for your dentures by cleaning them after each meal. You should use a soft brush and cleaning paste or soapy water. You should also remove your dentures for at least six hours each day to allow your gums to rest. We recommend removing them when you sleep at night. When your dentures are not in your mouth, place them in a small tub of water to prevent them from drying out. Once a week, use a denture cleaning solution instead of water.

Your dentures should be checked at least once annually so that they can be adjusted to meet your needs and receive routine maintenance. These checks can be completed by our dentist at your regular appointments.

If you have any problems or discomfort with your dentures, please contact our office immediately to make an appointment.