Snap-On Dentures

What are snap-on dentures?

Montana Center for Implants and Dentures Snap-On Dentures, drawer containing implants still in the boxes.
Snap-on dentures, also known as overdentures, offer a revolutionary solution for individuals seeking stability and comfort in their dental prosthetics. These dentures closely resemble traditional dentures in appearance but feature special locators underneath the plate that securely snap or clip onto dental implants. Typically, a snap-on denture requires a minimum of two implants, though up to four may be utilized for enhanced stability. When pressure is applied onto the prosthesis, it seamlessly locks into place onto the implant abutments, eliminating the need for messy adhesives or pastes. This innovative design ensures that the denture remains securely in position throughout the day, preventing any rocking or movement and providing users with a newfound sense of confidence and freedom. Consult with Dr. Muir to discover if snap on dentures are right for you.
Montana Center for Implants and Dentures, dental team photo: Dr. Josh Muir, Lynda, Dr. Tanner Townsend, Darla, Ariana, Brie, Bailey

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